Yes I gladly participate in FUD! it’s not what you think…

21 02 2015

So it has been quite a while since my last post. Since my last post I have switched roles from Operational Services Engineer to a Pre-Sales System Architect role here at Varrow. So far so good I am enjoying being out of the daily grind of break/fix and seeing how this side of the house works. Anyways, back to FUD and why I realized I gladly participate in FUD!

Yesterday while conference call with one of my customers we were discussing their infrastructure and I was delivering some tough information. Not something I like throwing across over the phone I prefer delivering this type of information in person. During the conversation I said something like this “Well I prefer to have my facts in order for me understand what all is happening so I can make an informed decision” note that was the sentiment may not have been the exact words I said. Then after I said that I said something like this “Well I hate FUD I do not like participating in Fear…. <long pause> {me realizing that I in fact DO participate in FUD}clears throat FUD”.

So when I say I participate in FUD I don’t mean Fear Uncertainty and Doubt

What I realized in that awkward pause was that aha moment that FUD to me was Facts Understand Decide! So fundamentally whatever you do in life I think we all try to gather the facts fully so we have a good understanding so we can make informed decisions.



  • Facts
  • Understand
  • Decide






So the next time someone ask you do you like FUD you can say YES I LOVE FUD!