Evangelist of doing things right the first time!  Part of a awesome team at Varrow and helping customers improve their business delivery day in and day out.  I have been in the IT field since 2001 and started off at the very bottom working at Best Buy’s Service division that was then transformed to Geek Squad in later years.  I have worked for Federal and State Government most noteably in Mecklenburg County Gov.   One of the things I did while at Mecklenburg County was an EMC sucess story for the work I did early on with Avamar as seen here:  http://www.emc.co.mu/collateral/software/solution-overview/h7141-avamar-backup-recovery-nas-so.pdf   I was stoked to get the opportunity to work with Varrow and have enjoyed being pushed and stretched professionally and technically.

Now I work with Varrow in their Managed Services Organization and my responsibility is partly On-boarding Engineer of new customers into our Managed Services offerings.  I also cover our Cloud offering as well as partly responsible for designing and administering our Avamar Multi-tenant environment.  Lastly, I serve as Tier 2 and Tier 3 internally for issues dealing with Storage, VMware and Data Protection.  If you asked people I work with what my forte is I believe they would tell you that I work a issue to resolution.


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