Varrow Madness 2015

17 03 2015

A lot of times people ask me what makes you love Varrow so much? My  answer is always the people! The people I work with and the people I work for (our customers). Although most Varrow people do not work hand in hand we are all usually out on different projects we do remain pretty close using social media both externally and internally. One other way we stay close is by Company Events. Whether that is a company yearly kickoff or Varrow Madness every March. Either way it is always cool getting a bunch of really brilliant and smart people in the same area magical things can happen.

So Varrow Madness what is it? For me to explain that I have to go back to the inception of Varrow Madness the brain child of Jessica Carter our Marketing Extraordinaire. She thought hey wouldn’t it be cool if we could have an event that coincides with March Madness and also is technology focused not marketing fluff. Voila Varrow Madness was born in 2011… I was here for that first one and it was awesome it was cool to see all the technical presentations. Then again in 2012… In 2013 I decided I should jump on the presentation bus and did a presentation on Avamar and did live demonstrations of Avamar. Anyone that has ever done demo’s knows you never do live demo’s anything can go wrong. For this particular event the thing that went wrong was using all the events bandwidth so I had to tether to my phone to do the demo. I presented with Tom Bouwman and it went really well. Each year we have Manufactures present their products and we have Varrow Employees present on a myriad of topics.

So what does this year look like? Well last year we were busting at the seams with attendance so we had to find a convention center we could fit everyone in. This year we went back to Greensboro NC and are having it in the Koury Convention Center. So some highlights for this year’s Varrow Madness.

Key Note Speakers this year are Varrow’s very own Jeremiah Cook he is an awesome speaker and always is inspiring and insightful. So we also have Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian he has also been a featured TED talker too. This is bound to be an awesome key note as well! So that is great and all but this is a technical event so let’s give you a sneak peek into what is happening on Thursday.

Get down and Dirty on these sessions….

· VMware: EVO:RAIL with Varrow’s own Kevin Tuffner

· VCE we are seeing a ton of activity around VCE for the Converged Infrastructure presented by Trey Layton, VCE

· Palo Alto did I mention security has been hot this year it’s like there has been multiple breaches or something… This isn’t your daddy’s firewall this is Next Generation presented by Jefri Hilton Palo Alto Networks

· EUC Layering is another hot topic and Varrow’s very on Earl Gay demystifies layering

· Cisco Next Generation Firewall and SourceFire Integration and ISE… A must see presentation!!

· VMAX3 is being presented by Brian Boyd aka: VMAXHUMPDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· vSphere 6.0 presented by Varrow’s Jason Nash (2x VCDX) and Josh Coen (VCDX)

· PowerCLI God Alan Renouf talks about PowerCLI 6.0 a must see presentation

· iWAN what is it? Come see Cisco’s session regarding iWAN and learn how to leverage all your connections!

· Got a Netscaler even if you do or don’t come see Nelson Esteves from Citrix

These are just the highlights of the morning sessions sheez….

Here is the complete agenda here..

Don’t forget the Genius Bar staffed by Varrow Engineers come pick their brains. I really hope to see everyone there! If you do come out I would really love to hear your feedback good or bad!




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