Annoying repeat scrolling on Android

9 04 2014

Well I know a lot of people in the world use Android while others use Apple and then there are others.  So at work we use a number of  social media applications and sometimes there are things that just make you go hmmm…  The other week my Yammer application updated on my phone and I did not think anything of it.  Until I went to scroll through the post and  I kept seeing the same 4-5 post over and over.  I just figured it was my antiquated Razr Maxx being a pain.

Then I see a post from a co-worker venting their frustration with the same thing.  In true fashion it becomes a Apple vs Android debate…  Anyhow, this morning I was scrolling through twitter, yammer and the dreaded scrolling finally got on my last nerve.  My first reaction was like most uninstall and reinstall.  But before I did that I just went into System Settings > Apps> Yammer then clicked Clear cache.  Then opened Yammer back up and voila easy peasy life is all good again.  I have had to do this on different apps over the years so not sure why I did not try this earlier but now all is right on planet earth again.




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